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For years, we’ve heard from our job seekers at We Work Remotely that using word editors to create resumes isn’t easy. Getting the formatting right is super painful in word editors. We know a lot of job seekers spend hours trying to get a perfect resume, yet when you export it or print it, everything is out of place again.

It’s a super frustrating experience… and don’t even get us started with creating a resume that is ATS-friendly!

If you are job hunting and you’ve experienced frustration during the process, the resume creation process can only add more pressure and frustration to the whole thing.

Creating a resume doesn’t have to be a painful experience, we want to help you with that!

With CVStep by WWR, you can create a great resume by following our step-by-step process. Once you’ve finished that, you can try different templates, tweak your resume, and download it as a PDF in an easy, quick way. You can also create several resumes and send tailored ones depending on the jobs and companies you’re applying for.

Try CVStep today and feel confident when you send your resume!

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