Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an online resume builder and how does it help me?

Tweaking your resume before applying to any job is crucial to land a job interview. An online resume builder helps you create a professionally designed resume and tweak it in an easy way. You just need to fill in a few forms which will ask specific questions regarding your work experience, education, etc. and your resume will be available to download instantly.

The most attractive feature of an online resume builder is that you can select from several available ready-made templates to create a beautifully designed resume instantly. You can change your resume template later.

Who is behind CVStep by WWR?

The same team that created We Work Remotely, the original remote job board, is behind CVStep by WWR. Since 2013, We Work Remotely has helped thousands of remote workers around the world find the remote jobs of their dreams. Now, with CVStep by WWR, we’re taking another step to keep helping workers find their dream jobs.

How much does it cost to use CVStep by WWR?

The plans start at $19.99 USD per month. If you’re entering the job force, the basic plan is enough for you. We have more pricing options available for senior executives or resume-writing professionals.

Can I update my resume after I have downloaded it as a PDF?

Yes, you can update your resume whenever you want. Your data is safely stored with us. Whenever you switch jobs or want to send your resume to a different recruiter, you may want to update your resume. If you have previously created a resume with CVStep by WWR, you just need to update your experience from your last job. You can also change resume templates later and download them instantly.

How can I change my resume template or design?

It's super easy to change your resume template. Just log in to the dashboard and select the resume for which you want to change the template. Select the template of your choice and download your resume in the next step.

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